The Commission’s mission is clear from the Holy Father in his Chirograph:


  1. ”The Commission’s specific task is to propose to me the most opportune initiatives for protecting minors and vulnerable adults,

  2. In order that we may do everything possible to ensure that  crimes such as those which have occurred are no longer repeated in the Church.

  3. The Commission is to promote local responsibility in the particular Churches, uniting their efforts to those of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, for the protection of all children and vulnerable adults.”


To that end, the Members have focused on three main areas and share them now with all Episcopal Conferences and the laity:  Healing and Care, Guidelines and Education and Formation.  All three are, and will be, works in progress aimed at fulfilling the Holy Father’s mandate to the P.C.P.M. Please review these areas and assess what you are doing in your environment to ensure the best protection of minors and the vulnerable.

Let us all work together to keep little ones and the vulnerable from harm.